You're Invited to an Enchanted Evening:

Princy's Fairy Tale Quinceañera

You're invited

Once upon a time, in a land aglow,
A story unfolds, soft as falling snow.
Princy, our princess, gentle and sweet,
Whose life, like a melody, is wonderfully complete.

Born with a heart thoughtful and kind,
A caring spirit, and enlightened mind.
Her journey thus far, a tale so bright,
Leads us to this, her fifteenth year night.

Her quinceañera beckons, a time of delight,
She’ll don a dress, capturing the night.
Deep as the blue ocean, with touches of red and gold,
A vision of elegance, a sight to behold.

Mirroring joy like the morning’s embrace,
She enters this festivity with charm and grace.
A night of jubilation, laughter ringing clear,
Celebrating her growth, and those she holds dear.

Join us in the starlight, where dreams take flight,
At Princy’s quinceañera, on this radiant night.
A chapter from a fairy tale, full of cheer and elation,
We invite you to share in this joyous celebration.

The Event

August 13, 2023

VIP Room
735 N Milliken Ave
Ontario, CA 91764

5pm to Midnight

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Greetings! The RSVP period has come to a close. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who responded, and we eagerly look forward to your presence at Princy's Quinceañera.

Thank you so much!